We have a herd of quality llamas here at our ranch -
including show-quality males, and top quality breeding females.
We also offer assistance to llamas in need and help them find new homes.
Please contact us for more information about llamas and their many uses!

Saffron and Luke Saffron, 01/17/07
Shortcake's Saffron

ILR #:   245803
Gender:   Female
DOB:   04/30/02
Father:   Castalia's Sunny Springer
Mother:   RSR Strawberry Shortcake
Daughter of Shortcake.

Lola  Lola
Lola Twist

ILR #:   269314
Gender:   Female
DOB:   05/22/06
Father:   MGF Bravo
Mother:   MGF Apricot Twist

Valentine & Lola sharing a kiss  Valentine, Twist & Lola out for a stroll

Gender:   Female
DOB:   02/14/06

This special little girl became a surrogate daughter to Apricot Twist after her mother died
when she was about 3 months old. She and Lola, her "sister by milk", share a strong bond.

Bella  Bella and Felix

Gender:   Female
DOB:   10/19/09
Father:   Canyon
Mother:   Little Ray

Bottle fed beauty. If she gets out of the pen she heads right for the kitchen door!

Jackpot with mother, Charlotte

ILR #:   N/A
Gender:   Male
DOB:   05/01/12
Father:   Stryker
Mother:   Charlotte

Jackpot was a surprise, born May 1st and will be for sale this Fall; a perfect time to introduce him to a herd of goats or sheep and develop a good guard llama! Very pretty boy. His dad is Stryker and is listed under our SOLD page. His mom is Charlotte, one of our oldest llamas on the ranch, who we thought was out of the breeding game.


ILR #:   Pending
Gender:   Female
DOB:   04/08/12
Father:   Apollo
Mother:   Lola

We call her Callie for short. She is our last baby sired by our late stud, Apollo, and has his markings. She is the second cria of Lola, who brings a lot of color and flash to our herd. We can't wait to see what Callie will add to our breeding program. She is a joy to interact with. A keeper!

Christoph, 2009 Christoph, 2012

Gender:   Gelding
DOB:   10/12/09
Father:   Canyon
Mother:   Valentine (half Guanaco/half Llama)

Christoph is big and gorgeous!

Canyon, 01/17/07 Canyon, December 2009

ILR #:   pending
Gender:   Male
DOB:   04/28/05
Father:   Cody's Mr. Brown Bottom (aka Orion)
Mother:   Shortcake's Saffron

This handsome little guy has remained a small size and can be considered a miniature llama!

Optimus Prime and Luke Optimus Prime, June 2012
Optimus Prime

ILR #:   pending
Gender:   Male
DOB:   03/17/08
Father:   Sun's Apollo
Mother:   Shortcake's Saffron

Small and mighty! Born on St. Patrick's Day, this boy started life during some fierce thunderstorms. In 2012, Opie measures just under 37" at the withers and can be considered a miniature llama. He started his breeding career this year and we are excited to see his offspring.

LB Wonder  LB Wonder
LB Wonder

Gender:   Male
DOB:   09/05/09
Father:   Canyon
Mother:   Lola

Wonder was born very premature and lived in our master bath for 2 weeks until he stood. He is blind (a first for us) and a keeper!

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