For many years, we were home to a pair of awesome buffalo.

Lexi and Courtney had been together since birth.
They produced six beautiful babies together and were strongly bonded.
Lexi, April 2005

Lexi, April 2005

Gender:   Male
DOB:   May 1991

In 2011, we were deeply saddened by the loss of our handsome bull, Lexi.


Gender:   Female
DOB:   May 1991

Courtney & Lexi
Courtney and Lexi

Yellow Stone (2004) Yellow Stone at 9 months
Yellow Stone (2004)

Baby Girl, born 06/17/06 Yelda & Courtney at 10 months
Baby Girl, Yelda (2006)

Hope & Courtney
Baby Girl, Hope (2008)

Courtney and Lexi welcomed their new calf, Hope, in June 2008!
Hope is the biggest calf yet - and growing nicely.
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