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Buffalo Bend Ranch was established in 1994 as the home to 2 large buffalo, our favorite stud llama Benefico's Little John (we just call him Juan), and numerous rescued dogs and cats. We are located in Dripping Springs, Texas just southwest of Austin.

My son Luke and I enjoy living in an energy efficient, environmentally friendly straw bale home on 28 beautiful Hill Country acres. Our Santa Fe style home overlooks gorgeous, gently rolling land. If you would like more information about straw bale construction, an ecologically responsible old world construction method, please visit the sites on our Useful Links page.

Over the past 10 years here at Buffalo Bend Ranch, we have settled into our business of raising quality, registered llamas for pets, show, guard, and 4-H. Our main goal is to match up the right llama with the right home.

Our buyers can be assured of long-term support with the general care of their new llama. We offer assistance in shearing, shots, toenail trimming, as well as being available for any question regarding raising a llama(s).

As you look over our web site you will see that our ranch is not limited to raising llamas. Our buffalo have been faithful in producing a calf every other year and we have never been at a loss for finding the right home for them. We have introduced chickens, geese and turkeys over the past few years and recently have added two pairs of native turkeys to our breeding operation. We look forward to seeing what comes of this new venture. They are beautiful birds and add more color and personality to our place.

We are big supporters of animal rescue at Buffalo Bend and therefore all dogs and cats are spayed or neutered. We ask all potential buyers to think responsibly before breeding llamas or any other animal.

We hope you enjoy our site and would like to invite you to visit and see if we have the llama you are looking for.

Meg Haenn

Our straw bale home in ice, 01/17/07 Luke with his llama, Saffron
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